What’s Up With The USJA?

AnnMaria De Mars and Jim Pedro, respectively the president and vice-president of the USJA, resigned a few weeks ago. Pedro did so during a conference call meeting of the USJA Board of Directors, and De Mars resigned the following day.

Emotions are running high. Some USJA members are threatening to pull out of the USJA and join USA Judo.  Makes sense to me- NOT.  If there was ever a dysfunctional, worthless group to join, it would have to be USA Judo. So guys, knock yourselves out and join USA Judo if you think it’s going to care more about your opinions and welfare.

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Rumblings in Las Vegas, Part II

Just when I thought we had seen the end to the political games being played by members of the USJA Board of Directors, reality quickly reared its ugly head again. In a last minute gambit to protect her presidency, AnnMaria DeMars nominated Jim Pedro as vice-president and forced him to accept being nominated in spite of declining three times to accept it! More surprisingly, and shamefully in my opinion, a majority of board members voted for Pedro rather than Gary Goltz, the former USJA COO. Continue reading