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  1. 4-22-12 Gerry, it was pleasing to meet you today at the Senior nationals. If you don’t remember me the U.S.M.C. hat broke the ice.I appreciate the encouragement about the garage dojo and how you started. I hope someday I can have similar success.As you know it’s about the love of the sport and what we can give back, not to mention how we can help people in the process. Great to have met you and I hope to see you again.

  2. I would be interested to know your thoughts about the wisdom of taking up Judo late in life.
    I recently enrolled my 4 year old daughter at a club just outside Boston and I’m tempted to take it up with her so that we can share the experience. This would also be a good use of time as the kid and adult classes run parallel several nights a week and I’m already driving her 25 minutes each way for a 90 minute class. Thing is, I am turning 40 in a few months though and am the sole breadwinner in our family. There is a part of my rational mind that says I’d be nuts to risk serious injury at an age where I can’t expect to compete well enough to truly earn a black belt. On the other hand, is it right to push my kid to compete in tournaments her old man is too scared to risk? As fun as it looks, is it wiser to accept I missed out on a good thing and just support my daughters from the sidelines? Like I said , I’d be curious to know what you’d say to a parent at your own dojo who was thinking about starting at this age. Thank you.

  3. I applaud your wishing to take Judo with your daughter. It would be a great bonding experience. I have a fair number of parents who do Judo along with their children. If you were in my club, I would encourage you to take up the sport only because I know that we take care of our older players, and we have a great landing surface. Forty is not an unreasonable age to start the sport. Several of my adults started in their 40s and are still doing Judo in their 50s. However, I don’t know anything about your club, your coach or your facilities, so I can’t say for sure whether you should take Judo with your daughter. The main question that you need to answer is do you think that the coaching staff has your welfare in mind? Or do you feel that you would wind up being somebody’s throwing dummy? One last thought; if you do start Judo, don’t try to keep up with anyone in class, and remember that you are no longer 20 years old. Let me know what you decide.

  4. Sir. is it possible for 27 year old guy to become a world level judo player? (i played judo only for 3 year when i was at 16. but i want to continue again )

  5. This is a hard question to answer since I don’t have enough information on you to make a rational argument one way or another.

  6. Ooh Rah!

    Gerald, I have a similar comment to Aleks. I am about to turn 38 and have always wanted to learn a martial art, in particular Judo. I live in Grossmont area in San Diego and am really interested in checking out a class. What do you recommend a goodtime to visit?

  7. Feels good to be back on the mat again, only if its to watch my daughter participate.

  8. Hi Coach, have been checking out your website periodically ever since my daughters and I worked out at your club 2 years ago during a summer vacation visit. I have also sent replies to a few of your essays.

    Hoping to make it to your club again in a future visit from our home state of New Jersey. I have family in SD and try to get out there every year or so.

    Looking forward to more of your provocative commentary! (sometimes I agree!)

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