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A major problem that plagues the Judo community is that far too many coaches and athletes don’t read enough. Sure, most have no problem studying the technical books on Judo, the ones with lots of pictures and “how to do” instructions. But what about books on subjects that are relevant to Judo coaching and human performance, but not Judo specific, like motor skill development, psychology, sociology, education, nutrition, military leadership, business, biographies of famous coaches and athletes, etc.?  Regrettably, many of these subjects are being ignored.

Most branches of the U.S. military have established professional reading programs for their officers and enlisted personnel. You would think that our Judo federations and associations would do likewise in order to improve the intellectual curiosity and knowledge of our coaches and players. Since most have not, the responsibility rests squarely on each coach and each athlete to develop his own professional reading program. To assist you in this endeavor, this section of BetterJudo.com provides you with excerpts from books that are pertinent to our development as coaches and athletes.

BetterJudo.com encourages you to become a voracious reader in order to become the best coach or athlete possible. For starters, begin your professional reading program with the three great books from Geof Gleeson, the father of modern Judo: Judo for the West, Anatomy of Judo, and Judo Inside Out. After that, keep going and don’t look back!

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