Oversight of Judo Referees

Back in May, I came across an article in the San Diego Union entitled U.S. Soccer not hesitant to red-card its Officials. Since I’m a soccer player, I immediately knew the meaning of red-card, and was intrigued. A red card is what a player receives during a match for a serious infraction or for the accumulation of two less-serious yellow card infractions. When a player receives a red card, he is ejected from the game and his team plays a man short for the rest of the game. Continue reading

The IJF’s Assault on Coaches

Months ago, the IJF decreed that because coaches were making a “spectacle” of themselves (by yelling at referees when they screwed up) they would be banned from matside coaching. They have thankfully revisited that decision. Now, instead of being shuffled off to some holding pen away from the mat, coaches are once again being allowed to sit matside, albeit behind the barrier of advertising panels. Continue reading