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I just received the following comments from David Gordge, vice-president for World Judo Federation Oceania, in response to my post “Move over IJF!” Rather than bury it under the comments section, I’ve decided to highlight it as a new post.  Let’s hope that the WJF is not just the IJF with a different name.

In response to Kent Gustavsson’s comments as contained above, I would like to say that the World Judo Federation has been constituted and is operational.  I am a member of the Executive Congress which was held on 26/8/11 in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, followed by the 1st Senior Championships which was attended by a number of countries from around the world.

The WJF has been created to provide an alternative to the IJF without the corrupt limitations or restrictions currently imposed by the IJF.  It has been designed to provide “Judo for All” without discrimination.  The WJF is constituted by 5 continental unions similar to that of the IJF.  It has been created in response to the reasons outlined by Kent in his observations and comments as contained above.  It is obvious that the IJF is becoming quite dictatorial in its administration of the sport, not only in the direction the IJF is taking relative to the future of the sport but with the political administration of the organisation.  Evidence of this is the recent changes to the rules governing the mandatory use of particular brand judogis, belts and application & design of the players back-patch.  Furthermore, more obvious corrupt practices were established and found proved in the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in the recent court action initiated by the Pan American Judo Union.  In both the first findings of the court and during an appeal to that decision, the CAS found in favour of the Pan American Judo Union.  (The Arbitral Award relating to the first court action & subsequent appeal are published on the WJF website.  They make for interesting reading).  It appears that the IJF see themselves as a law unto themselves and beyond reproach.  Should this be the case?

In any event, the WJF is now an international alternative created to provide leadership in Judo to practitioners at all levels. The organisation provides world class championships for seniors, juniors, masters, kata and team events.  The WJF is looking for membership support from National organisations who are disillusioned with the current IJF practices & policies and who are looking to be involved with an organisation filled with people who believe that what Professor Kano intended Judo to be should be promoted and advanced – as intended.  Please visit the WJF website and if interested in becomming part of this exciting new challenge, I can be contacted at


David Gordge

4 thoughts on “News from the WJF

  1. This is an excellent alternative to the corruptive and destruction of kodokan judo. I am a shodan in judo and have not competed in judo since 2009, when the IJF had implemented bogus rules that have hindered judo from evolving. I was elated to find that the creation of WJF and that the WJF’s mandate was to re-introduce Kano judo, as oppose to IJF judo.
    Thank you for the introduction of judo into our agenda..

  2. I’m afraid that WJF will turn into an IJF-lite. On the other hand, I would encourage you to look into Freestyle Judo. Here are some links and Facebook accounts you may be interested in:
    International Freestyle Judo Alliance on Facebook
    Freestyle Judo on Facebook

  3. Hi I am a member of the Australian Kodokan Judo Association and am wondering what is happening with the World Judo Federation. It has appeared to have stopped. Everytime I look up the WJF I only get information about the IJF. Many thanks Allan

  4. Good question. I don’t know, and to be honest, I never expected much out of them.

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