Move over IJF!

As more people become disenchanted with IJF, and now EJU, the word “mafia” is starting to be associated more often with these organizations.  Coaches and players are feeling the brunt of the economic demands imposed by IJF and EJU.  We in the United States also got a taste of this “stay in the hotel we designate or else we’ll charge you a ridiculous sum of money to compete in our event” mafia mentality.  Here’s what Kent Gustavsson, a courageous coach from Sweden, has to say on the subject.  He posted his comments on EJU’s website.

Mafia Methods

Where is international judo to go? The latest and most idiotic I found out was that participants in a training camp and competition in Poland, was forced by the EJU to stay at designated hotel, or they each had to be fined 100 euros, to the delegates on the EJU charge filthy overcharged is widely known, and that the requirements they have when they are attending a tournament or the like, are at a level that is frankly ridiculous, private chaff 24 hours, private secretaries, first class in everything imaginable, one can almost believe that international judo is a multi-billion in business, corruption and scratching each other on the back mentality, a daily reality in the EJU, I think it is time for all judoka, coaches, officials and clubs say no, all this track with the size of the code label from the back or any stripes on the shoulder of the suit, this just to suck money out of clubs, many clubs around Europe are not in the vicinity of the economy that EJU seem to believe, most coaches, like myself may not charge fees, everything is at a voluntary basis, but it is Smaller Club receiving the heaviest responsibility.

Judo is becoming a rich man’s sport, once the clubs can not afford to be with anymore, I really do not think our High Honoured Jigoro Kano would accept today’s mentality in judo hirarkiska mazes, EJU becoming more and more like the same old sandbox for the rich man’s child; everything just about money, it is about time that someone or some say no, why not simply start a new international covenant, so may EJU sit there and create one idiot rule after another.

It must be possible to remove those who are creating misery and discomfort, rather than the ache of judo progressive and philosophy, with so much money rolling in the corridors, it is not surprising that some people are affected by greed, but they must be removed before judo is completely destroyed, the clubs must be advised to participate in competitions and camps without EJU constantly interfere in everything, and ask a lot of unreasonable and insane demands on the participants.

If I go to camp or competition, so it is well in my interest where I want to live! And the designated hotels, etc. is very expensive, proves that it is only money at stake, when I can stay with acquaintances or friends at no cost, which therefore means that I can afford to participate in more competitions and camps, and hopefully become a better judo fighter, today it is not judo quality and development involved, it is money, and how much I can carry in my pocket!

I will probably get a lot of crap and criticism for this, but it does not matter, I’ve trained my whole life, and will never stop, for me, judo is, a way of life.

Kent suggests that we should start another international organization.  I had actually come to the same conclusion months ago, so I think it’s a great idea as long as we don’t become another IJF or EJU.  Well, guess what?  A new international Judo organization, the World Judo Federation (WJF), is being born as I write this!  WJF will have its inaugural meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in August followed by the 1st World Judo Senior Open Championships on August 26-28.

Not much is known about WJF since it’s so new.  I’ve been told that the impetus for its creation comes from former Pan-American Judo Union (PJU) members.  You will recall that PJU was decertified by the IJF mafia in 2009, and a new continental entity, the Pan-American Judo Confederation (PJC), was born.  I also know that USA Traditional Kodokan Judo (USA-TKJ) has been asked to be the United States’ representative to WJF.  What I like about USA-TKJ’s competition rules is that ippon doesn’t end a match, and scores are numerical and cumulative.  Whether USA-TKJ will have any influence regarding the rules is anyone’s guess.

I’m not sure whether WJF will be good or bad for the greater Judo community since we lack enough information presently.  One thing is sure though.  It’s good to have options when it comes to international competition.  Perhaps WJF can put back the Judo that has been cut out by IJF.  That alone would give me hope that Judo may survive.

4 thoughts on “Move over IJF!

  1. In response to Kent Gustavsson’s comments as contained above, I would like to say that the World Judo Federation has been constituted and is operational. I am a member of the Executive Congress which was held on 26/8/11 in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, followed by the 1st Senior Championships which was attended by a number of countries from around the world.

    The WJF has been created to provide an alternative to the IJF without the corrupt limitations or restrictions currently imposed by the IJF. It has been designed to provide “Judo for All” without discrimination. The WJF is constituted by 5 continental unions similar to that of the IJF. It has been created in response to the reasons outlined by Kent in his observations and comments as contained above. It is obvious that the IJF is becomming quite dictatorial in its administration of the sport, not only in the direction the IJF is taking relative to the future of the sport but with the political administration of the organisation. Evidence of this is the recent changes to the rules governing the mandatory use of particular brand judogi’s, belts and application & design of the players back-patch. Furthermore, more obvious corrupt practices were established and found proved in the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in the recent court action initiated by the Pan American Judo Union. In both the first findings of the court and during an appeal to that decision, the CAS found in favour of the Pan American Judo Union. (The Arbitral Award relating to the first court action & subsequent appeal are published on the WJF website. They make for interesting reading). It appears that the IJF see themselves as a law unto themselves and beyond reproach. Should this be the cae?

    In any event, the WJF is now an international alternative created to provide leadership in Judo to practitioners at all levels. The organisation provides world class championships for seniors, juniors, masters, kata and team events. The WJF is looking for membership support from National organisations who are disillusioned with the current IJF practices & policies and who are looking to be involved with an organisation filled with people who believe that what Professor Kano intended Judo to be should be promoted and advanced – as intended. Please visit the WJF website and if interested in becomming part of this exciting new challenge, I can be contacted at Regards, David Gordge (WJF Vice President Oceania).

  2. I am in full support for another international judo organization. IJF has ruined judo and is continuing to bring judo spiralling into a toilet bowl that will leave us in the sewer. WJF is a new organization where i am in full support of its development.

  3. Associating the term “mafia” with the IJF and EJU may not be too far from the truth. I came across this website with some unflattering comments about the current IFJ president:
    Maybe this information is all well known and/or fabricated, but the allegations are news to me. Appararently, there was a failed legal action by Vizer to shut down the website but he has not sued for slander or libel which could be used if the allegations were false. Interesting…

  4. Looks like Marius Vizer took control of the website that provided information about his past and his alleged ties to organized crime in Eastern Europe. Now it is displays a happy statement that “Sport is the Biggest Treasure of Humanity.”

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